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Name The Oaf HBE

ID 2394

Author iaresee

Fractal Product Axe-Fx II

Firmware Version 14.x

Set Up Direct

Description Done as a request for something that could be used to cover The Oaf by Big Wreck. It's got this cool trem+delay thing happening in the intro and then throughout the song followed by this HUGE wall of guitar sound.

To really nail this you have to down tune to open Gb5 (Db, Gb, Db, Gb, Gb, Db, low to high) -- that's how Thornley keeps it sound HUGE when he hits those chords.

For the trem+delay part I put it on my neck pickup and roll the volume back to about 7 to take the edge off the attack. For the verse and chorus I flip to my bridge pickup, full throttle.

Patch was dialed in with a fairly dark-sounding, all mahogany PRS Standard 24 so if you have a brighter guitar you might find this needs a treble cut.

I prefer running it with the TAF_Mars4x12_Mix UltraRes IR but I saved it with the factory 4x12 Basketweave TV Mix IR in the CAB block because it sounds pretty fantastic even with that.

My thanks to Mark Day who's excellent HBE factory patch provided the starting point for this absolutely HUGE Marshall sound!

You can catch a sound clip of this patch here and you can join the discussion for this clip here.

Tone Match No

of a live amp/cab No

Band/Artist/Player Big Wreck, Ian Thornley

Song The Oaf

Genre Rock

Instrument Electric Guitar


Date UploadedApr 20, 2014