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Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

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Name Arpeggiate Like the Wolf

ID 6536

Author Admin M@

Fractal Product Axe-FX III

Firmware Version 1.x

Set Up Direct

Description Synth-like guitar arpeggiator evocative of Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran. it isn't random, but with a 15-note pattern repeating over a 16-note phrase, it isn't easy to hear that it is repetitive. The LFOs reset when you stop and play a new note, so just stop briefly around the last 8th or 16th note of beat 4 and you can re-align the arp with your live drums and bass. The whole thing tracks tap tempo too. Play single notes. Skinny strings. 10th position. Scene 1 gives you a sus2 chord around the note you play. Technically you cam play the whole song like this, but there are also many instances in the recording where the 3rd appears, so Scene 2 throws in a major 3rd once it awhile. I found I could just throw in the desired notes once in awhile without changing scenes and it was evocative enough.

Band/Artist/Player Duran Duran

Song Hungry Like the Wolf (Arppegiator)


Instrument Electric Guitar


Date UploadedSep 20, 2018