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Determining Your Setup

The "Setup" filter helps you to focus on those presets best-suited for how you use your Axe-Fx.

FRFR/Direct presets (like all of the Factory presets) are designed for "full-range flat-response" systems such as studio monitors, PAs, headphones, etc.

Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

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Name Tone Master

ID 6661


Fractal Product Axe-FX III

Firmware Version 2.x

Set Up Direct

Description This template cranks and maximizes functionality, things are done for specific reasons on the signal path that match up with Signal Processing programming so it processes fast retaining Tone like with parallel paths, a straight through signal that forwards to upstream blocks and path intersections where the Fxiii would do additive functions into the main signal path (do A/B test if you remove shorts, etc it may result in loss of harmonic resolution). Top Distortion Amps with Clean Bottom Amps blends together with an expression pedal into a Bass & Guitar Cab Block. A % of clean added to the distortion channel makes solos and articulation pop out of the mix. The parallel cab block with a straight through path is key it lets all the crispy distortion pass and use the cab block mix to shape the tone. Also, on each of the selected cabs I noticed backing off the level brought out more harmonics. The Goal of the Tone Seeker... Designed to feed a rack: one Crown 4002 stereo into two 4x10 cabs for lows, one Crown XLS 2500 into two 4x12 cabs for midrange, one Mesa 2:90 into two 4x12 for harmonics & highs. The digital amp signal is hot, so you will have to use the physical knobs to control out levels. After 80% CPU usage tone & axe-edit starts degrading, so it's maxed out but accommodates almost everything prioritizing the CPU usage, save to new presets to add/replace other blocks. Two FC12 controllers will be added to control everything with 12 expression pedals and 28 buttons total. Check back and share... Axe-Edit running on used mac mini easily found on internet for $199 and a 32" HD Monitor. I set this and the 10slot Rack on the two 4x10 cabs and then the two stereo 4x12 stacks are next to it making a Wall of Sound.

Band/Artist/Player For the Improvisational Player to gain complete control of sound


Genre Djent, Metal, Rock, Blues, Acoustic

Instrument Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass


Date UploadedDec 02, 2018