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Determining Your Setup

The "Setup" filter helps you to focus on those presets best-suited for how you use your Axe-Fx.

FRFR/Direct presets (like all of the Factory presets) are designed for "full-range flat-response" systems such as studio monitors, PAs, headphones, etc.

Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

Search Results: Tone Ranger

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ID Name Genre Band/Artist/Player/Song FW Date Author TMA DLs Likes
6675Mesa Boogie Mark2.xDec-05Tone Ranger412
6674Splawn Nitro2.xDec-05Tone Ranger255
6673Splawn QuickRod2.xDec-04Tone Ranger235
6662Zakk's Marshall #34Zakk Wylde2.xDec-02Tone Ranger405
6392Brown OutHard RockQ-9.xJul-01Tone Ranger330
6375Wylde SideZakk WyldeQ-9.xJun-23Tone Ranger512
5795HerbieRockQ-8.xOct-04Tone Ranger598
5771ToneRanger TemplateQ-8.xSep-23Tone Ranger435
5518Balance EVHVan HalenQ-7.xMay-21Tone Ranger952
5457Boosted AC30 BrtRockQ-7.xApr-22Tone Ranger528
5454JCM800 WyldishZakk WyldeQ-7.xApr-21Tone Ranger1378
5447Mark IV MadnessNight RangerQ-7.xApr-20Tone Ranger762
5385ToneRanger BoogieMetal/RockQ-7.xApr-01Tone Ranger592
5384Sunset Strip SearchHair MetalRatt, DokkenQ-7.xApr-01Tone Ranger704
4853Splawn NoSZakk WyldeQ-4.xOct-23Tone Ranger864
4838LegacyProgressive RockQ-4.xOct-22Tone Ranger743
474880's BoogieNight Ranger, Brad GillisQ-4.xSep-29Tone Ranger853
4693Red InsanityQ-4.xSep-13Tone Ranger464
4328Metal Boogie++Hard Rock/MetalQ-3.xJun-16Tone Ranger642
4035Rockin HBEQ-1.xJan-30Tone Ranger464
4034Splawn NoSQ-1.xJan-30Tone Ranger379
4033Modern RectoQ-1.xJan-30Tone Ranger443
4002Searing BoogieQ-1.xJan-17Tone Ranger458
4001Splawn QRodQ-1.xJan-17Tone Ranger379
3877HBEvilMetallica, Sad But TrueQ-1.xDec-09Tone Ranger744
3757LegacyQ-1.xOct-30Tone Ranger366