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Determining Your Setup

The "Setup" filter helps you to focus on those presets best-suited for how you use your Axe-Fx.

FRFR/Direct presets (like all of the Factory presets) are designed for "full-range flat-response" systems such as studio monitors, PAs, headphones, etc.

Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

Search Results: acoustic

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ID Name Genre Band/Artist/Player/Song FW Date Author TMA DLs Likes
6904Arkaos SLO 100 + ...Metal - Prog - Ro...2.xMar-31Francesco Fiorentini182
6902Arkaos Dizzy V4 +...Metal - Prog - Ro...2.xMar-30Francesco Fiorentini159
6896Piezo SplitLordGold2.xMar-28LordGold157
6882Arkaos PVH 6160 +...Metal - Prog - Ro...2.xMar-24Francesco Fiorentini190
6834Peavey Block 6160RockMichael Hoskinson2.xMar-02Gandolph226
6823FRIEDMAN HBE V1 (2)RockMichael Hoskinson, Revised2.xFeb-24Gandolph271
6782Acu Fx e compPopRotQ-10.xFeb-07Rotanti175
6723ANGLE SEVERE 4/Sc...RockMichael Hoskinson2.xJan-10Gandolph337
6624Acoustic keysFolkKelly1.xNov-12belfast504
6623Martin StrumFolkKelly1.xNov-12belfast395
6622Acoustick PickfolkKelly1.xNov-12belfast456
6621Martin LeadFolkKelly1.xNov-12belfast298
6370Like A StoneRockAudioslave, Like a StoneQ-9.xJun-22bmc835
6306Acoustic SimulatorQ-9.xMay-25JustinPompper737
6069Acoustic SimQ-9.xFeb-22firepile839
601512 Str + Flange ODMetalMastodon, Joseph MerrickQ-9.xJan-30Vee565
5993GD ACOUSTICQ-9.xJan-16mark_2000_7771331
5832Clean JM45 TCACOUSTIC SOUNDQ-8.xOct-27gibby1349
5813LG Folk 1 Rythm/s...folk clean Q-8.xOct-17lologui1028
5705Victory Lap TMProgressive Thras...PROPAGANDHI, Victory LapQ-8.xAug-20fromthebarkY812
5678Acoustic Sim ...AnyMauricio Conde, Lots of themQ-8.xAug-08Mauricio Conde2512
5667Burg Acoustic/OD ...VariousBrett Kingman, VariousQ-8.xAug-02Burgs868
56565) DOMINATE Detun...Q-8.xJul-23trueresourceY388
5313GD ACOUSTICGlenn DeLauneQ-7.xMar-16GlennDeLaune4125
4977Burg's Piezo Pres...AcousticBrett Kingman, VariousQ-4.xNov-27Burgs1399
4805Reckless Reflex |...All of 'em.Brett Kingman, ThousandsQ-4.xOct-16Burgs680
4339Acoustic Martin '59Q-3.xJun-17gregdewald2046
4333Acoustic PiezorockQ-3.xJun-17gregdewaldY1526
4208Clockwork Angels-...Progressive RockRush, Clockwork An...Q-1.xApr-09tgoryckiY848
4207Clockwork Angels-...Progressive RockRush, Clockwork An...Q-1.xApr-09tgorycki886
4132Acoustic sim yekanyyekQ-1.xMar-07lauke-lux1481
4123GB Acoustic PzoPop/RockShane FeltonQ-1.xMar-03smfelton694
4114Acoustic RigAcoustic, rock, w...Mauricio CondeQ-1.xFeb-26Mauricio Conde1003
4091Acoustic mic 1Q-1.xFeb-16tonewicker471
4068NirEveR_AcousticAcousticAndy McKee, Kaki King, Ewan...Q-1.xFeb-08NirEveR1201
3990OZ Acoustic 6Stri...AnythingQ-1.xJan-14ozanerkal538
3935Taylor 914ce Nash...Acoustic NashvilleQ-1.xDec-26vkcarrilloY2050
3934Taylor 914ce StudioAcoustic Guitar I...Q-1.xDec-26vkcarrilloY2102
3840FSM Acoustic pick...clean pickingQ-1.xNov-23FSM635
3679Acoustic Tone MatchAcousticKalen WillitsQ-1.xSep-27KilthunoxY1910
3581FSM Fate Of Souls...Acoustic/Pop/Rock...Frank Steffen Mueller, Fate Of Souls19.xAug-18FSM582
3435Classical Guitar ...Classical / Acous...19.xJun-19badhorsie65Y1153
3406Acoustic Ninja19.xJun-07HellBat838
3312vai acousticsteve vai18.xMay-04DAVEM77693
3295Acoustic Gibson J...18.xApr-29voesY1492
3127Hyper Planet Acou...Rock/Ballad/LoveHyper Planet Band/Amin Saffar, She Was Just...18.xMar-15Amin SaffarY856
3126Lili SoloRock/Ballad/LoveHyper Planet Band/Amin Saffar, She Was Just...18.xMar-15Amin Saffar572
3112OUTCASTAcousticGeamala, Forking Paths17.xMar-08geamala658
3093HARMONIUM CHORD C...Hippy NewageFagtastic Four, Some hippy b...17.xFeb-23geamala756
2847Beautiful Day v.3RockU2, Beautiful Day16.xDec-01thinknolimitz881
2791EB Nylon Last TrainJazz, Bossa, Latin16.xNov-16guitar32895
2704Airy JazzJazz, jazz fusion...Pat Metheny, Goin' Home16.xOct-05EricP1954Y1562
259512 String Electri...AcousticNone, None15.xAug-12adrianm1041040
2585PRS ANGELUSAcousticPRS, Standard15.xAug-07ypsY665
2547PRS Clean w/ SauceAcousticJohan Nielsen, N/A15.xJul-19SandanDK859
2523Acoustic SimulationAcoustic15.xJul-12tonyi2193
2413LED Fool AcousticClassic RockLed Zeppelin Jimmy Page, Fool In The ...14.xMay-01keithguitarfanY931
23411 Electric and 1 ...Acoustic ElectricN/A, N/A14.xApr-02plyall577
2340Two Acoustics L&R...AcousticN/A, N/A14.xApr-02plyall981
2276Two Acoustics L&RAcousticN/A, N/A13.xMar-15plyall684
2217U2 Satellite of L...PopU2, Satellite of...13.xFeb-21Starfighter599
2066Just Take My HeartPop MetalPaul Gilbert, Just Take My...12.xDec-31k2green983
1988JTV Acoustic 6Anything acousticVarious, Various12.xNov-29keithguitarfan851
1971Piezo Acoustic12.xNov-21jbis1251
1838[iaresee] Acousti...11.xOct-13iaresee926
1825SultansOfSwingClassic RockDire Straits, Sultans of S...11.xOct-08tony_cb1232
1742Shane's AcousticRock11.xSep-09SBjorstromY691
1684Guitar TangoGuitar InstrumentalThe Shadows, Guitar Tango...11.xSep-04StratnVox387
163074 ACOUSTIC DDClean BlaMM10.xAug-28BlaMM596
1564Acoustic Simulator11.xAug-06carltonec2004
1547Acoustic/TripTik ...MIDIFine Systems, Spanish Dance11.xJul-31Midifine1050
1537Acoustic Martin D1Acoustic Guitar11.xJul-28voesY3955
1455ACOUSTIC TM/SHIVE...AcousticDividing Zero, Embrace the ...10.xJul-01ALaz502Y962
1163Fix youAcoustic & specia...Coldplay, Fix you10.xApr-16fremen3848
1138CLN Acoustic10.xApr-10Kruegmeister1544
1136Acoustic Badger10.xApr-10CCRoyalSendersY5129
1009AC Piezo9.xFeb-04husker685
954Electric To Acous...9.xDec-30NiceChrisY1018
936AC1 TMA9.xDec-23MuudrockY595
695CLN AcousticOtherMIDIFine8.01Sep-28Midifine1411
570Good Riddance v7Acoustic, Rock, A...Green Day, Time of Your...7.0Sep-07Idaho14Y713
566Pinball WizardClassic Rock, Aco...The Who, Pete Townsend, Pinball Wizard7.0Sep-06Idaho14Y653
484ACOUSTIC BLISSAll, acousticDave Matthews, Crash Into Me7.0Aug-22TonemeisterY10185
383Ordinary ACOUSTICPop RockDuran Duran, Ordinary World11.00Aug-09iaresee1045
382Tommy AcousticTommy Emmanuel6.02Aug-09PatzagY2610
380Acoustic PiezoAllMIDIFine, Notorious B....7.0Aug-09Midifine11172