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Determining Your Setup

The "Setup" filter helps you to focus on those presets best-suited for how you use your Axe-Fx.

FRFR/Direct presets (like all of the Factory presets) are designed for "full-range flat-response" systems such as studio monitors, PAs, headphones, etc.

Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

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Name Plexi EJ Strat

ID 2664

Author SarasotaSwing

Fractal Product Axe-Fx II

Firmware Version 15.x

Set Up Direct

Description My attempt at Eric Johnson’s lead tone. Optimized for the bridge pickup in my 24 ¾” scale Strat, which is a DiMarzio Virtual Solo (Lace Holy Grails in the neck and middle). It’s a medium output pickup, rated at 280 millivolts. Volume and tone are wide open, strings are pure nickel .09s. I used James Santiago’s Echoplex IR (posted on AxeChange and in User Cab slot 100), 4-knob Tube Driver, jumped 100-watt Plexi, and the mono tape delay. There are wah, 5-band passive EQ, and reverb blocks in there, but they’re all bypassed. The settings for the Tube Driver, delay and amp I got from various close up photos of his rig. I did not use a Marshall cab IR. Why? Because I hate them all. ;-) To my ears the high-end fizz is horrible, and I was looking for the smoothest highs possible, so I used my old standby, the 1x12 EV (Factory #8), which makes everything sound good. One important thing to note: my “studio” (a.k.a. the living room) has tile floors, very little on the walls, and leads directly into my large kitchen, which also has tile floors. Adjust the delay mix according to taste. I’m going FRFR into an RCF NX12-SMA.

Tone Match No

of a live amp/cab No

Band/Artist/Player Eric Johnson


Genre Rock

Instrument Electric Guitar


Date UploadedSep 18, 2014