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Determining Your Setup

The "Setup" filter helps you to focus on those presets best-suited for how you use your Axe-Fx.

FRFR/Direct presets (like all of the Factory presets) are designed for "full-range flat-response" systems such as studio monitors, PAs, headphones, etc.

Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

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Name DG One in Ten IIC++

ID 5700

Author jsd1982

Fractal Product Axe-Fx II

Firmware Version Q-8.x

Set Up Direct

Description Dual-guitar setup (left/right input 1) that I use exclusively for my 90's alternative cover band. Everything is controlled via MIDI footswitch. Tone reasonably close to Metallica's Black Album - song Enter Sandman when tuned down 1/2 step. Use "OwnHammer OH 412 V30 JS" for cab IR. External controllers control amount of gain and volume of each amp. Ext 1 is left amp gain, Ext 2 is left amp post-fx volume, Ext 3 is right amp gain, Ext 4 is right amp post-fx volume. Amp gain, input trim, master volume, and output volume knobs of amp block are all affected by external gain controller (1 and 3) to produce as flat of a volume-response curve as possible. Tone sounds best at medium-high gain setting, e.g. external controller 1 and 3 at about 94 out of 127 (from MIDI). I use volume external controllers (2 and 4) with 98 calibrated to be 0dB, and 127 is a +6dB boost on top of that.

Tone Match No

of a live amp/cab No

Band/Artist/Player Metallica

Song Enter Sandman

Genre metal

Instrument Electric Guitar


Date UploadedAug 18, 2017