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Determining Your Setup

The "Setup" filter helps you to focus on those presets best-suited for how you use your Axe-Fx.

FRFR/Direct presets (like all of the Factory presets) are designed for "full-range flat-response" systems such as studio monitors, PAs, headphones, etc.

Pwr. Amp + Cab presets use real power amps and guitar speakers.

4-Cable Method (aka :4CM") presets require a special setup with connectors both in front of and in the effects loop of a real amp.

Fx Loop presets in the loop of a real amp. A loop may be SERIES or PARALLEL and the preset needs to be built accordingly.

Gtr Amp Input presets should be used in front of a (real) head or combo. Guitar->Axe-Fx->Amp Input.

Other setups also exist (e.g. combinations of the above).

The Axe-Fx II manual (chapter three) includes more information about setups.

"Cab" search results ignore the settings of this filter.

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ID Name Genre Band/Artist/Player/Song FW Date Author TMA DLs Likes
5913LEON TODD C++RockLeon ToddQ-9.xDec-132112193
5910LT PorncobLeon ToddQ-9.xDec-072112255
58945150 DEATHDeath MetalAt the GatesQ-9.xNov-232112401
5859JY AtomicaQ-8.xNov-102112300
5742D.W.VLeon ToddQ-8.xSep-072112556
5704LT Bass 2Q-8.xAug-202112354
5692LT MKIIC++ CSQ-8.xAug-152112603
5688LT 4CM Marshall RigQ-8.xAug-112112468
5675It's the LA Funk ...Q-8.xAug-082112519
5665Lib DemoQ-8.xJul-302112271
5663LT 800 BlackbacksQ-8.xJul-272112532
5661LT CR PresetQ-8.xJul-252112368
5650SLEEPMetalSleep, DragonautQ-8.xJul-222112477
5638Don't Try This At...Q-8.xJul-142112516
5635LT Tucana 3 ScenesQ-8.xJul-112112666
5633Sykes 87 CrunchRockWhitesnake, Still of the...Q-8.xJul-0921121318
5614LT UD Stomp 1HoldsworthQ-7.xJun-292112601
5613UD Stomp 3Q-7.xJun-292112353
5612LT Octa-Delay LeadQ-7.xJun-292112592
5595LT DSL50Q-7.xJun-252112423
5590LT AFDQ-7.xJun-192112578
5579LT Cantrell Wah SimQ-7.xJun-142112635
5578LT Petrucci Wah SimQ-7.xJun-142112723
5569LT EXPRESSION 5Q-7.xJun-102112491
5568LT EXPRESSION 4Q-7.xJun-102112349
5567LT EXPRESSION 3Q-7.xJun-102112325
5566LT EXPRESSION 2Q-7.xJun-102112337
5565LT EXPRESSION 1Q-7.xJun-102112340
5559LT MK IVQ-7.xJun-092112534
5544LT Dream MarshallQ-7.xMay-312112902
5529LT MKIIC++ FRFRQ-7.xMay-252112643
5528LT Badger X18 Y30Q-7.xMay-252112529
5524LT Plexi CB2Q-7.xMay-232112698
5523LT BE CB1Q-7.xMay-232112461
5522LT Hook G65Q-7.xMay-232112456
5521LT Nitro AnnyQ-7.xMay-232112407
5520LT AC30 BluesQ-7.xMay-232112510
5519Plexi CBQ-7.xMay-222112359
55085153 EL34 X:B Y:GQ-7.xMay-162112520
5502Magic Six - TwinQ-7.xMay-122112510
5500LT 5153 100 X:Blu...Q-7.xMay-102112447
5499LT 5153 100 X:Blu...Q-7.xMay-102112361
5498LT 5153 Blue FRFRMetalQ-7.xMay-102112630
5479X:BE Y:HBEQ-7.xMay-042112450
5477LT VoxQ-7.xMay-042112371
5476C++ 3 ScenesQ-7.xMay-042112565
5475C++ 3 Scenes Cab/DIQ-7.xMay-042112349
5439MethamphetacleanLeon ToddQ-7.xApr-1721121339
5428Fat CatQ-7.xApr-132112575
5415Funky BassmanFunkQ-7.xApr-112112709
5409LT Uberschall FRFRQ-7.xApr-092112670
5402FAS 6160MetalQ-7.xApr-052112611
5401Soldano Crunch LTQ-7.xApr-052112544
5400Soldano + LTQ-7.xApr-052112419
5376Triaxis Yellow LTQ-7.xMar-312112538
5375Triaxis Shred LTQ-7.xMar-312112505
5374Triaxis Red Lead LTQ-7.xMar-312112498
5373Triaxis Green LTQ-7.xMar-312112381
5372Triaxis Green Lea...Q-7.xMar-312112417
5369XTC X:BLUE Y:REDQ-7.xMar-302112332
5345LT Studio BoogieRockLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-232112739
5344Lush Clean LTQ-7.xMar-232112689
5342Mumble Leadblues,rockQ-7.xMar-222112627
5325JTM45 SD OCQ-7.xMar-182112463
5310Fat FriedmanRockQ-7.xMar-162112618
5299Recto 2 Orange Vi...MetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112686
5298Recto 2 Red Vinta...MetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112440
5297Recto 2 Red Moder...MetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112560
5296Recto 2 Orange Mo...MetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112408
5295Recto 1 Red LTMetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112423
5294Recto 1 Orange Vi...MetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112363
5293Recto 1 Orange Mo...MetalLeon ToddQ-7.xMar-112112458
5288Big 1959 LeadQ-7.xMar-092112525
5286Dirty Shirley 2RockQ-7.xMar-082112585
5285Deon Recto Q7RockRagdollQ-7.xMar-082112525
5274Passionate WarfareRockSteve Vai, For the Love...Q-6.xMar-062112847
52441988 H9 Stereorock, pop, bluesQ-6.xFeb-222112563
5236QE-IIhard RockQ-6.xFeb-202112404
5234Lead X-88 Y-99RockQ-6.xFeb-192112491
5233Clean X-88 Y-99rock, pop, bluesQ-6.xFeb-192112487
5221XTC X:BLUE Y:REDRockQ-6.xFeb-172112931
5220Aetherius 3Post RockQ-6.xFeb-172112536
5219Aetherius 2Post RockQ-6.xFeb-172112408
5218AetheriusPost RockQ-6.xFeb-172112442
5217Swampy LTRockQ-6.xFeb-162112299
51641988 CleanPopQ-6.xFeb-082112571
5156JVM OD2 GreenQ-6.xFeb-032112416
5155JVM OD2 RedQ-6.xFeb-032112391
5154JVM OD2 OrangeQ-6.xFeb-032112375
5153JVM OD1 RedQ-6.xFeb-032112354
5152JVM OD1 OrangeQ-6.xFeb-032112333
5151JVM OD1 GreenQ-6.xFeb-032112346
5142GREASY W/D/WRockQ-6.xJan-312112309
5139ADA MP-1RockQ-6.xJan-302112554
5134Tight ModernRockQ-6.xJan-282112486
5133Fat ModernRockQ-6.xJan-282112346
5123Splawn NitroMetalQ-6.xJan-232112438
5121JTM45 Two DelaysRockQ-6.xJan-222112449
5120DEON MKIVRockQ-6.xJan-222112303
5107DEON RECTORockRagdollQ-6.xJan-182112328
5106SLO LeadQ-6.xJan-182112438
5105SLO CrunchQ-6.xJan-182112316
5104JS410 RedQ-6.xJan-182112307
5103JS410 OrangeRockQ-6.xJan-182112284
5102CAE Studio CleanQ-6.xJan-182112381
51014CM BoardQ-6.xJan-182112279
5100Shimmer LoopsAmbientQ-6.xJan-1821121049
5099JCM 800 6L6Q-6.xJan-182112386
5095DEON UBERRockRagdollQ-6.xJan-182112240
5093BruhnRockVan HalenQ-6.xJan-182112447
5091JMP Westlake ModRockRagdollQ-6.xJan-182112480
5077Magic Six - TwinBlues, country, R...Leon ToddQ-6.xJan-142112736
5070DEON MKIIC++Rock/MetalRagdollQ-6.xJan-112112515